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We offer a wide range of industrial products ranging from hydraulic seals, pneumatic seals, mechanical seals, O-Rings, couplings, machine mounts, material handling products  etc.

Power Transmission

We offer a wide range of couplings & power transmission products to suit all our customers needs & requirements.


Sealing Solutions

We offer a wide range of hydraulic & pneumatic seal to suit all our customers needs.



We offer a wide range of mechanical seals in a wide range of materials to suit all our customers needs.

Innovative solutions to your problems

 We are industry leaders in our approach to solving complex problems & offering our customers the best possible solutions to fulfill their requirements.


Industries we serve

We serve a wide range of industries and have expertise in offering quality products for various applications.


The automotive industry continues to evolve at an incredible pace. We offer a wide range of products that ensure greater efficiency & life.

Manufacturing & engineering

The current manufacturing & engineering sector is the backbone of the modern day economy. Our range of products our ideal in these applications.

Marine & Logistics

An estimated 90% of the world's goods and products are shipped at some point in their lifetime. Our products ensure minimum downtime.

Food Processing

The food industry is a complex, global collective of diverse business that supplies most of the food consumed by the world's population.


The medical & pharmaceutical sector is the pillar on which modern society is built on. We offer superior quality products to serve this sector.


The renewable energy industry is at the forefront to ensure a sustainable future. Our products provide great efficiency & a step towards a better future.


Given the importance of safety for the aircraft industry, achieving maximum precision is essential for aerospace manufacturers.


Chemical and petrochemical companies form the foundation of the manufacturing industry and are affiliated with the most important sectors.

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